Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coffee Recipes

Over the last year I've enjoyed playing with my coffee. I'm to the point where my homemade coffee is my favorite and far beats out anything from a local coffee chain. I've even managed to make a few coffee's that the teenager in the house likes - that's a huge bonus! 

I sat down recently and went back through my Instagram feed and pulled some of my recipes into one place for you. I pulled the photo and the text from IG, so it's not that I can't keep a straight thought :), or I'm all over the place. 

I tend not to measure when I make my coffee, as eyeballing is my favorite way to make it. Where I have measurements I've provided them, otherwise it's to taste. My coffee if it's hot is always 16oz and if i'm doing a cold blend it's 12oz. 


COFFEE from Instagram Feed

1. Sunday morning grocery shopping coffee is a cold banana coconut blend. Cold coffee+banana+coconut milk+ice cubes....blend and go :) Yes it's 30 (20 WC) out this morning but that's a 60 degree increase since 1 week ago...heat wave! #coconutmilk #coffee #paleo#primal  

  • 12oz cold coffee + 1 banana + 4 ice cubes + 3-4 oz of coconut milk

2. My favorite weekend coffee of Kerrygold grass fed butter and honey. I save honey for the weekend as my treat. 

  •  16oz coffee + 1 tblspoon gf butter + 1 tblspoon honey

3. Enjoying my hot date this morning in a sleeping house :) Paleo Pumpkin Spices Latte. I will tell you that Starbucks pumpkin spices latte is the ONLY coffee I've ever returned because it was just gross! This paleo version is awesome! I doubled the coffee to 1/2 cup and used canned coconut milk with a touch of blue agave as the sweetener. If you like pumpkin and coffee this is the drink! #paleo #coffee #jerf #primal #pumpkin#quiettime

4. This morning brought to you by an iced Paleo Pumpkin Spiced Latte. D isn't a fan of hot coffee but likes cold coffee that doesn't taste like coffee. I used the same recipe as yesterday but used the almond milk it called for. He approved :) Yet another healthy coffee option for him! Win win!#paleo #coffee #primal #dairyfree #glutenfree#latte   

5.   My favorite treat of the day :) Coffee with homemade paleo #nondairy eggnog and honey. Tastes like Christmas :) The boys and I are eggnog junkies! I have to say this fit the bill and I felt great after :) Recipe from Paleo Parents http://paleoparents.com/featured/egg-nog-three-ways/ #paleo #eggnog #glutenfree#dairyfree #jerf #christmas
  • 16oz Coffee + honey + eggnog from above receipe

6. Coffee flavor of the day: grassfed butter, pure maple syrup, coconut oil and vanilla extract. Oh and my cup is extra warm with its own sweater and an awesome scarf :) @paleotabs #coffee #bulletproofcoffee
#bulletproof#paleo #primal #grassfed
  • Coffee + gf butter + pure maple syrup + coconut oil + vanilla extract

7. I guess I'm the only one that would really know this photo was upside down :) rough morning I guess! Vanilla #bulletproofcoffee whisked up! Flip your phone over because it looks better. 

  • Coffee + Kerrygold gf butter + vanilla extract + coconut oil = yum!

8. Very dark and not my normal froth coffee this morning.@finschef had recommended honey and cocoa for coffee....yum! Adding it to my rotation :) #paleo #cocoa#coffee #primal
  • Coffee + honey + cocoa

9. Extract play....bulletproof orange this morning. While almond and vanilla are in the lead as favs orange has a fresh pickup to it. :) #paleo #bulletproofcoffee#paleocoffee #primal

  • coffee + gf butter + orange extract

10. Playing w coffee flavors. Hooked on grassfed butter (bulletproof coffee) and vanilla, honey, coconut milk, ect. This morning I made butter, coconut milk and almond extract...yum! Didn't need the coconut milk so I'll ditch that next time. I'm going to jump into making my own extracts this week. It's too expensive to buy the bottle and use in your coffee :) stay tuned! Found some awesome extracts to make. #paleo #coffee #jerf

  • Coffee + gf butter + coconut milk + almond extract (1/2 tsp is my normal measurement for extract for a 16oz cup)

11. Can you guess? I'm a huge advocate of thermos ownership. Thermos or @Stanley brand are my favs. This is my coffee/thermos and today it's keeping my grass-fed butter coffee hot til the afternoon! (Stanley has my lunch today) #paleo #jerf #paleocoffee #coffee#buttletproofcoffee

  • Coffee + gf butter

12. I was allowed in the kitchen to make my coffee and lunch. I whipped up a coffee that was approved by the teenager!! Into the blender with 16oz hot coffee, grass-fed butter, 1tbls local raw honey and 1 tsp of organic vanilla extract. OMG heaven!!! Beats the pants off any coffee this far and for sure SBs! Teen approval is total bonus because he's picky and doesn't like the taste of coffee but likes coffee drinks. He will drink my cold banana coffee also :) #paleo #paleocoffee #coffee#jerf

  • 16oz hot coffee, grass-fed butter, 1tbls local raw honey and 1 tsp of organic vanilla extract

13. Evening cup of coffee with coconut milk while dinner is cooking. #paleo #coffee #coconut. For an 'upside down coffee' I use 75% coconut milk and 25% coffee. Basically it's coffee flavored coconut milk. It's a nice way to end the day and not keep you up all night!