Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekly Menu

Above: Teaching Charlie how to make scotch eggs

I've been asked numerous times to share my menus. It's easier said that done. While I have well over a year of menu's in my binder they aren't in a format to just share unless you have the cookbooks I use or know where my Pinterest board is. 

Please keep in mind this is how I feed my family. I'm not a nutritionist and plan based on what works for us. I'm going to start with the below menu because everything is available online. I've reviewed in previous posts how I plan my weekly menu. I've laid out below what meals need to be cooked then followed with how I would use them during the week. I try to pair a dish with something different at each meal. Variety helps the dish not get boring during the week. 

My goal for prep is to always get the proteins done because these take the most time. Additionally they are easy to reheat and add with some fresh cold veggies. It makes having dinner on the table in 15 minutes no trouble at all. You can also grab and go for lunches or even breakfast with just a few spare minutes to portion out and go. 

Here are the recipe links for the above recipes. 

On the first lunch above you'll see 'Chicken Salad Pepper Boats' and these are just chunks of peppers that I load up with chicken salad. A different way to eat them and adds a nice crunch. If you don't like that then try making a chicken salad lettuce wrap. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Great Grandmas Oatmeal Cookies

So nearly 20 years ago when I married into my husbands families these cookies were one of the many benefits. Everyone in my house would choose these over chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc. You get the idea? They are very cake like and certainly count as breakfast in our house, with a green smoothie of course!

Before you ask, NO these are no paleo. However we have cleaned up the recipe so that it qualifies as 'real food' in my book. I'm going to show you the before and after recipe so you can see how easy it is to clean a recipe up. I won't lie because it did take a few batches to get these right, not that the family minded. Please note that I needed to find substitutes that would keep the taste exactly the same, we did NOT want a new tasting oatmeal cookie. Note that these are not an overly sweet cookie, they are just right.

Great Grandmas Oatmeal Cookies

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

2c light brown sugar organic cane sugar w/ 2 tables of organic molasses
       *I did try coconut sugar and the taste was not right, they were not sweet enough
1c butter / we used butter flavored crisco grass fed butter, we use Kerry Gold
       *we had tried butter in previous years but only crisco gave us the consistency we needed. 
          However Kerry Gold Grass   Fed butter worked perfectly. I would think any gf butter would work.
3 eggs, lightly beaten
2 c oatmeal, quaker oats organic oats, bulk from Whole Foods
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 c hot water
3 c flour Living Now Gluten Free Flour 3 c box (King Arthur has a good GF Flour mix also)
1 tsp vanilla extract pure or homemade vanilla extract
1 tsp salt sea salt

Add cane sugar and molasses to a large bowl and mix well until sugar is brown. Add in oats, baking soda, sea salt and gluten free flour and mix well. Max a well in the center of the try ingredients and add your melted butter, hot water and vanilla and stir up a little bit. Add eggs and finish stirring all ingredients. It takes a bit of muscle power and that means the consistency is spot on!

Once mixed then I take two tablespoons from the drawer and fill one with batter and use the other to make it into a loose lump then put on the cookie sheet. DON'T smash it down; DON'T roll it into a ball.  It's meant to be a mountain-ish lump on the pan. I fit 12 onto a cookie sheet and pop into the oven. They cook for between 12-15 minutes. My oven is 15 minutes dead on. You want them to be glossy on the top when you pull them out. You normally would think they need to cook more at this point and you DON'T want that. Glossy - pull them!

Now this next step seams silly but trust me because i've tried it several ways and this is what keeps them moist and cake like. Remove them immediately from the cookie sheet and place them on a formica / laminate counter top, or something that won't let the moisture escape through the base of the cookie. I've tried a wood table and a cooling rack and the cookies were ROCK hard. Leave the cookies to cool on the surface for at least 15 minutes. You will need to twist them to release them from the surface, and that's perfect! They should be moist and cake like and oh so yummy!!!

Enjoy! Please tag me if you make them.