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Lives in the Chicago Suburbs
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Wife to Kevin
Mom to Dawso & Charlie 
Olympic Weightlifter
Gardener (of the small variety)

Everyone starts paleo for their own reasons. I think you either fall in love with it or you make your own version of it. I'm one that is in it for life. Hook, line and sinker. The benefits that my family and I have experienced have been wonderful.

Our journey to paleo began 15 years ago with the birth of our first son Dawson. You can read about this story on the NAET's page. Over the years we've made constant adjustments to our diet with the more we learned about health and nutrition. It wasn't until June of 2012 that we were introduced to paleo and the benefits. By the time we reached paleo we had already reduced our grains, ate minimal processed foods, ate mostly organic fruits and vegetables, and ate little fast food. So the jump to paleo for us wasn't a far stretch.

Each of us had been through the NAET's process by this time and had seen benefits from that and our adjusted eating. We knew what our allergies were and knew what foods didn't work for each of us. This made meal planning challenging as I avoided everyones issue foods. However with paleo it completely knocked everyones issue foods off the table. Everything in the paleo diet agreed with everyone so we were all able to eat the same things and this made meal planning and cooking so much easier.

The kids were a bit rough at first to change over. However we included them in the planning, shopping and cooking process. They had ownership in what was showing up on their plates. 15 months later it's not easy breezy with them every day but I'm proud to say they are paleo kids!

In the 15 months we've seen:
- Charlie's yeast / sugar allergies clear up (his face and arms develops a horrible rash)
- Kevin's triglycerides have been cut in 1/2, something we hadn't been able to do in 19 years! Kevin lost 15 lbs and has stayed a consistent healthy weight.
- Dawson's stabilized diet had helped him in school and in life.
- My stomach issues and stiff joints have gone away. Also my weight, for the first time in my life, has stabilized and I've maintained it with NO COUNTING CALORIES or STARVING myself.

The benefits go on and on, but I think you get the point. Paleo is not a 'diet' our family is on just for now. It IS our diet, our lifestyle, our fuel for and active and healthy life.

I hope you come along and follow our journey and be inspired!


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