Name: Dawson

Age: 15 (2013)

Diagnosis in 2003
O.D.D. / A.D.H.D 
Diagnosis in 2008: 
Severe Allergies & O.D.D. / A.D.H.D. - but NOT medicated!!!!

Medication History

2003 - began on Strattera

2008 March - due to his growth in the past 5 years has worked his way up to 80 mg per day of Strattera
2008 April - 3 after NAET’s began
he was down to 40 mg per day
2008 May - less than 50% of the way through his clearings he is down to 25 mg per day
2008 June - 3 clearings left and Dawson is down to no meds!
2013 June - Celebrated 5 years of being drug free!

Our Story

Since Dawson was very young we knew he was loaded with energy! We also knew early on that he was a very strong willed child. However lovable and bright!

The first two years of his life he was on antibiotics continually due to ear infections. During this time we also had him tested at length for allergies. Those tests came back negative - no allergies. 

By the time he was late in age 4 we had tried so many punishment / reward systems with him that we could have written a book! We knew very well that he did not deal with change well among other things. With him starting school in the fall we had to figure out what the problem was. 

On bad days you could look in his eyes and see his brain spinning 1000 miles per hour. To get him to sit still was beyond a task. We had tried diet, limited pretty much all sugar and garbage from his diet. This was easy as we eat pretty healthy anyway. 

We finally took that horrible step to have him tested for ADHD / ADD. After the testing we found that he had O.D.D. / A.D.H.D.  We agonized with the decision to put him on medication. After long hours of praying, crying and talking we made the decision that we felt was necessary for his health. 

Strattera was a great choice for him, as it was the only non-stimulate drug available. It’s done wonders for him. We certainly have had huge ups and downs with him but after a while we knew how to read his moods, dodge issues all while still making him take and learn responsibilities for his actions. 

His school was wonderful in making accommodations for him when needed. Which usually meant a seat of his own away from the other kids so as to avoid distraction.  Things moved along pretty well. 

Then we hit 4th grade and all heck broke loose. More homework, more stress, more anger, more fights, everything was more intense. We finally sought more help from our doctor as to what direction to go with Dawson. We were out of ideas and he needed something more. 

We were referred to another doctor to have Dawson retested so we knew if anything had changed. After 2 sessions with this new doctor he recommended that Dawson be put on Tranquilizers. After picking my jaw up off the floor I said NO! The doctor said that we were dealing with a child with violet behavioral issues and it was the only solution. After meeting with our family doctor again (he’s wonderful) he felt that this was unnecessary - thank goodness!

In the mean time I had remembered talking with a friend of mine, Anna (check out her story from the LINKS section), last summer and what she was going through with her son. I spent hours on her blog reading about something called NAET’s that she was going through with her family. I then spoke with her at length on the phone about this testing and what they were experiencing. I was in awe and wondering why we had never heard about this. 

Short ending....we found a doctor in our area certified in NAET’s, got Dawson tested and found that he is allergic to more than 30 items. After the testing was completed we began the clearings. The weekend after the Sugar clearing (which was only his 2nd one) there was a HUGE difference in him, so much so that we had to cut his medications in 1/2. 

Dawson said that he felt calm, he could remember things easier and he could concentrate. He also said his brain had slowed down. 

One May 1st we did remove him from his medication all together for 1 week and he did pretty good. However he was having a problem concentrating for the full day of school and in the evenings. Because he still has 11 clearings left there are still a good deal of allergy reactions going on. So he was put back on 25 mg of Strattera until we get further along in the clearings. 

I thank GOD every day for pointing us in this direction. I pray that he stays with us through these next few months as we complete this process with Dawson. I also pray that everyone with children learn about this option.

When Dawson has completed his clearings it is our hope that he will not be on any medications and with the results so far this is most likely going to be the case. 

Our youngest son who does not have the symptoms like Dawson does / did will also be going through NAET’s. If he doesn’t have allergies then great! If he does then we will have them cleared as well. 

With this tool in our pockets why would we not take advantage!

Please pass this information along to anyone and everyone that you know that it could benefit.

You can read Dawson’s blog for his most recent updates. (2013-blog currently inactive)

December 2008 Update:
He has completed his NAET’s and is nearly 6 months without medication. We continue to monitor him along with his doctors. His ‘violet behavioral issues’ have completely disappeared. I see MY son each day and he’s a beautiful sight!
March 2010 update:
We are coming up on the 2 year anniversary of the ending of Dawson on medication. He is a happy, healthy, well adjusted (most days, lol) soon to be 12 year old. He is thriving in school. Do we still have issues? Yes but I consider then ‘normal’ as far as preteens go. I’ll take this any day over what might have been had our route not changed. I still thank God every day!
March 2011
We have had new success with Dawson and his focus. 

You can read about NAET's here

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