Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekly Menu

Above: Teaching Charlie how to make scotch eggs

I've been asked numerous times to share my menus. It's easier said that done. While I have well over a year of menu's in my binder they aren't in a format to just share unless you have the cookbooks I use or know where my Pinterest board is. 

Please keep in mind this is how I feed my family. I'm not a nutritionist and plan based on what works for us. I'm going to start with the below menu because everything is available online. I've reviewed in previous posts how I plan my weekly menu. I've laid out below what meals need to be cooked then followed with how I would use them during the week. I try to pair a dish with something different at each meal. Variety helps the dish not get boring during the week. 

My goal for prep is to always get the proteins done because these take the most time. Additionally they are easy to reheat and add with some fresh cold veggies. It makes having dinner on the table in 15 minutes no trouble at all. You can also grab and go for lunches or even breakfast with just a few spare minutes to portion out and go. 

Here are the recipe links for the above recipes. 

On the first lunch above you'll see 'Chicken Salad Pepper Boats' and these are just chunks of peppers that I load up with chicken salad. A different way to eat them and adds a nice crunch. If you don't like that then try making a chicken salad lettuce wrap. 

Let me know if you have any questions!



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